What is micro-immunotherapy?

Micro-immunotherapy makes use of the same messengers as the immune system (e.g. cytokines, growth factors, hormones), which are given sublingually in low doses. These substances are responsible for the communication between the cells and other elements involved in immune responses.

Micro-immunotherapy & Epstein-Barr virus infections

More and more people are suffering from persistent and largely unexplained symptoms such as chronic malaise accompanied by fatigue, recurrent sore throat, partly swollen cervical (neck) lymph nodes, migratory joint and muscle pain and unexplained temperature spikes.

Micro-immunotherapy and men’s health

Prevention and health promotion should be on the top of men‘s agenda! In fact, leading a healthier life with regular exercise, a balanced diet, good sleep and the use of mindfulness techniques can have a significant impact on physical and mental fitness and, specifically, on the immune system!

Micro-immunotherapy for women

Hectic lifestyles, professional and private responsibilities, hormonal changes… Women have a lot on their plates nowadays. Stress and overexertion progressively weaken the immune system. Over time, this depletion of the immune system damages our bodies and paves the way for the development of diseases and/or recurrent infections like colds, herpes outbreaks or other manifestations of viral reactivation.

Micro-immunotherapy for children

Colds and coughs, ear and throat infections or recurrent bronchitis: in winter, children regularly suffer from ENT problems as well as other infections of the respiratory tract, especially when they start nursery or day care. This is mainly because children’s immune systems are still immature, therefore increasing their susceptibility to infection.

Micro-immunotherapy & Well-Ageing

Healthy ageing and longevity are influenced not only by genetics but also by lifestyle. Targeted prevention can help to maintain physical and mental performance:

–> Healthy diet
–> Regular movement and exercise
–> Relaxation and stress management
–> Adequate sleep