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ICoMI2022: discover the final Programme!

We are happy to announce that ICoMI2022’s Scientific and Clinical Programme is out now. What will you find at the Congress? All the conferences are listed by schedule in the Programme. They are all related to immunometabolism, a highly interesting and promising research field that has a lot to contribute to the progress of patient care.

Gunter Schlegel (Germany), private doctor, MD, lymphologist and member of the Congress’ Scientific Committee, is inviting you to this year’s special ICoMI edition by means of a personal address:

“I am addressing those interested and/or who have a heart for immunology and those who wish to learn more about micro-immunotherapy and the fascinating possibilities this therapy offers to treat diseases where the immune system is implicated.

The theme of our congress refers to the most recent knowledge on key elements that influence immunity to work properly, and covers from the study of the inner metabolism of immune cells to the analysis of how environmental factors, including food and diet, act as key drivers of immune response. We call this immunometabolism, and during the congress we will be discussing its fundamentals and its translation to the clinic as well as how therapeutic strategies such as micro-immunotherapy may become a great help in treating the patient.

I would like to invite you to our 2nd International Congress of Micro-immunotherapy, which is coming up from June 2 to June 4 2022 as a virtual event. You may access all the details under the following link: If you want, you can have a look at what happened during the first edition in 2017.

You are heartly invited to participate in the congress as an attendee. We are waiting for you to contribute to the discussion on the amazing topic of immunometabolism. Lots of clinical and immunological innovations are awaiting you”.

Check out the Programme (pdf) and register to attend the fascinating conferences and become part of the international exchange platform. ICoMI2022 is your step forward.

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